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Job Interview Questions

Tell me a little about yourself.


I'm an experienced communications specialist with extensive knowledge of public information tools and techniques. I've written dozens of articles accepted by worldwide publications. I am always eager to learn new methods and procedures. I like working with people and enjoy group projects, but I also don’t mind working on my own. My goals are to complete my Master's Degree and broaden my experiences with community relations."


What is your greatest strength?


I'm good at organizational skills, team-building skills and time management. But my greatest strength is my ability to effectively handle multiple projects and deadlines.
What is your greatest weakness?

I've had trouble delegating duties to others because I felt I could do things better myself but I've taken courses in time management and learned effective delegation techniques, and I feel I've overcome this weakness.


Why do you want to leave your job?


I am interested in an opportunity to use the skills and abilities I have developed over the last couple of years in a new and challenging position.
What do you see yourself doing in five years?

I want to continue to gain experience and be a top - performing employee in a big company such as this one. I want to contribute as much as possible to the company's expansion and success.


What has been the most difficult situation you have had to face?


I have faced a number of difficult situations, but the one that comes to mind now is the employee, very experienced and important employee, who started to lose his temper too often. I was able to deal with him by assessing the situation, determining the possible different approaches and deciding on the most effective one. I had to remain unemotional and objective and focused on a solution.

What salary are you looking for?


I am currently earning $..., I would obviously like to better that figure but my main interest is the actual position.

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