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Megan: Mr. Young’s office!


Peter: Hello, can I speak to Albert Young, please?


Megan: I’m afraid he’s in a meeting until lunchtime. Can I take a message?


Peter: Well, I’d like to arrange an appointment to see him, please. It’s Peter Campbell here.


Megan: Could you hold on for a minute, Mr. Campbell? I’ll just look in the diary. So when’s convenient for you?


Peter: Next week if it’s possible. Is he away the following week? I think he mentioned going on holiday.


Megan: Yes, that’s right, he’s on holiday for a fortnight.


Peter: Well, I need to see him before he goes away. So would next Wednesday be okay?


Megan: Wednesday…let me see. He’s out of the office all morning. But he's free in the afternoon, after about three.


Peter: Three o'clock is difficult. But I could make it after four.


Megan: So shall we say 4.15 next Wednesday, in Mr. Young’s office?


Peter: Yes, that sounds fine. Thanks very much.


Megan: Okay, then. Bye.

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