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Discrimination Complaint Letter

Angela Smith
234, Indiana Ave
New York, Bedford 10506

22 September, 2010

Mark Clark
Marketing Director
Southern Trade
4765, South Ave
New York,NY

I am a woman, aged 37, and have been an employee of Southern Trade for 7 years. I have a great record of business done, contracts made. I have always been loyal to this company. I feel I have been discriminated on the basis of my age and gender. Employees with less experience than me have been promoted over me. Most of them are men. The most important projects are always given to men, never women. Having suffered for a really long time I decided to stand up for myself.

I am writing this letter to you as a last resort, as the previous complaints registered with the Human Resources failed. Three complaints dated 6th June, 14th July and 4th August were all submitted by me. It is discouraging if you are not appreciated by the company you have worked so far and devoted most of my time.

If this problem persists, I will be forced to hire a lawyer. I am sure the company doesn't want to be famous for reputation of discrimination.

Discrimination in the workplace regarding sex and age is a serious offence.

I have heard of your reputation of being an honest person, so I have faith that you will certainly help me.


Angela Smith

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