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Small Talk at a Business Lunch

Greg: Hello, are you Angelica Baker?

Angelica: Yes, and you must be Greg. It's nice to meet you at long last.

Greg: Yes, you too. Thanks for agreeing to meet with us about the new account. My associate, Jane King, should be here any minute. Would you like something to drink while we're waiting?

Angelica: No, thanks. I'm fine. Did you have a nice holiday?

Greg: Yes, I did. My family and I went to the mountain to ski and the weather was fabulous. How about you?

Angelica: I stayed in New York and it was sunny the entire weekend. We spent most of the time at home but we did go see the Lord of the Rings.

Greg: How did you like it?

Angelica: It was absolutely fantastic. But, you know, I think I would have enjoyed skiing in the mountain even better. Do you go there often?

Greg: No, not much. My wife doesn't like skiing. She prefers vacationing where it's warmer, like Hawaii.

Angelica: I don't blame her. I really enjoyed it there when we went a few years ago. I'd like to go back sometime soon.

Greg: Yes, me too. Oh, here's Jane now. Let me introduce you.

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