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Business Conversation at Restaurant

David is meeting Annabel for lunch at the Shanghai Garden restaurant both of them have been out meeting clients and have decided to meet for lunch to discuss the prospects of selling the products of their company.

David : (Who has arrived earlier) Hello, Annabel. I am glad you were able to come. Did you get my message?
Annabel: Hello, David. I’m sorry I’m a bit late. I got your message about meeting you for lunch just as I was leaving for my appointment with some builders. I couldn’t get away any earlier.
David : Don’t worry. I haven’t been waiting long. Where would you like to sit? Shall we sit in that corner?
Annabel: Yes, let’s sit over there it will be quieter.
David: How was your day?
Annabel : Quite successful. But very tiring. People are interested in our products but are hesitant to switch over to something new.
David: Before me get involved in a deep discussion lets order something to eat. (Calling to the waiter)
Waiter: (Placing menu cards in front of both of them). Good afternoon. What would you like to order?
David: Annabel, What would you like to eat? A soup to begin with?

Annabel : No, thank you. I don’t think I’ll have soup. I’ve never been here before, so I
don’t know what their specialties are.
David: (Reading the menu) would you like to try curry?
Annabel: Let me see. Waiter, are the prawns fresh?
Waiter: Yes, madam absolutely fresh. Why don’t you try some fried prawns with Chinese fried rice?
David: That is a good suggestion. Let’s have a Chinese meal.
Annabel: All right, you order, David.
David: Right. Let’s have a plate of chicken fried rice, sweet and sour prawns and an American chop suey. Annabel, would you like mushrooms or bamboo shoots?
Annabel: No, thank you. What you’ve ordered is more than enough.
David : What about something to drink? An orange juice or coca cola or……..
Annabel : I’d love to have an orange juice.

David : That’s good. Waiter, an orange juice for the lady. And a fresh lime juice for me. And please serve us quickly. We haven’t much time.
Waiter : Right Sir. It won’t be long.
(Writing down the order).
David: You were about to make a suggestion about our marketing policy.
Annabel: I was wondering whether we couldn’t recommend a cut in the price of our product. As it is, the profit margin is very small. And the overhead costs of introducing a new product are already very high.
Annabel: But we could increase the price once we have established ourselves in the market.
The waiter arrives with the orange juice.
Waiter : Here you are Sir. An orange juice for the lady and a fresh lime for you sir.
David : Thank you. Please hurry up with the lunch order.
Waiter : In a moment sir. What will you have for dessert?
David: (Looking at the menu again). Annabel, what would you like? An ice cream, a soufflé or a fruit custard?
Annabel: Nothing at all. Thanks.
David: (Closing the menu-card and handing it back to the waiter). No dessert, thank you.
Waiter: What about coffee?
David : Will you have coffee after lunch, Annabel?
Annabel: Yes, Please. I’ll have coffee.
Waiter: With cream or milk?
Annabel : Black please.
Waiter: And for you, sir?
David: Oh! I’ll have coffee with milk but please. Be quick about it.
The waiter hurries away.
David: I’m not sure how well it would go down psychologically if we cut on prices. It might give people the impression that ours is an inferior product.
Annabel: Well then. You have to offer other forms of incentives. After all, why should people buy our product and not keep using the brand that they are always used to!
David: You are right. We’ve got to scratch our heads and come up with what is known as a “unique selling preposition”. What is it that our brand has?
David : Ah! Here comes the lunch. Let’s leave the lighting systems alone for a while and enjoy our lunch.
Annabel : (Eating the food) Mmm! This is delicious. So many restaurants serve Chinese food. But I haven’t had food which is quite so well prepared as this. How did you discover this place?
David: Just by chance. Actually I was visiting an office in the next block. It was lunch time and I looked around for a place to eat and found. Shanghai Garden. It isn’t very grand but the food is wholesome. I’m glad you like it.
Annabel: Thank you for bringing me here.

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