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Complaints Part Two

Carla: Hello!


Tom: Hello, can I speak to dispatch, please?


Carla: You’re through to dispatch.


Tom: I phoned two days ago to say that I hadn’t received delivery of my order and I’m ringing again to say it still hasn’t arrived. That delivery is very urgent.


Carla: Can I just take your name please?


Tom: Yes, it’s Tom Smith.


Carla: I think there’s been a problem with that order, Mr. Smith.


Tom: What kind of problem? ( a little bit angry)


Carla: I don’t know offhand. Let me check for you. Yes, part of the order didn’t arrive here at the depot, so I couldn’t send it out until we’d received everything.


Tom: Well, surely that was your problem to sort out. I did phone and draw your attention to this a couple of days ago. Look, I placed this order weeks ago. I'm sorry, it’s just not good enough!


Carla: I’m sorry about this, Mr. Smith. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I can assure you we’ll do everything we can to send it out to you today.

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